Frequently Asked Questions

1Do we offer trail rides?
No, our insurance does not permit trail rides.
2Who owns the horses that we see on the trails?
They are privately owned horses.
3Where can you go for trail rides?
We are not aware of any in the Cleveland area.
4Are ponies baby horses?
No, just like there are dog breeds of many sizes and varieties, ponies are adults belonging to the smaller breeds of equines.
5How do we measure how tall the horse is?
Horses are measured in hands, one hand equals four inches. They are measured from the base of the neck (withers) to the bottom of their hoof. Ponies are 14 hands two inches and less. Horses are anything taller then 14 hands and two inches.
6What is the difference between english and western saddles?
Western saddles have a horn like you see in the movies. English saddles are flatter and weigh less. Western saddles were developed out west to herd cattle. English saddles were developed more for fox hunting.
7Do horses bite?
Yes they can. Carrots and fingers look a lot alike.
8Can I pet the horses that are outside?
No because horses may bite or kick, especially if they are frightened.
9What is safe behavior around horses?
Safe behavior means walking quietly. Loud noises and running can scare a horse which may cause the rider to fall off.
10How much do horses weigh?
On average a typical horse weighs around 1,100 pounds.
11I really love horses. Can I just come down to the barn to help?

Required Documents

All participants are required to fill out a waiver/release form, which should be returned or mailed to us. Please refer to the program/lesson page for specific requirements, conditions, and costs. The required waiver forms for each type of class/lesson can also be found below.