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Therapeutic Riding Program

I wasn’t sure how Jennifer would react to riding a pony when she started. When she was finished I asked her if she wanted to ride again. She said, “Yes, it was great, can I ride Cheerio every day?” I was so excited to hear this! Then I asked her if she was afraid and she said, “No Mommy, the people (volunteers) held me up so I wouldn’t fall off.” I know the main reason she wants to come back is that you make her feel safe. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help our daughter. She looks so forward to riding Jimmy and laughing with you (especially when Jimmy sneezes).


Therapeutic Riding Program

I love being around the horses each week and riding. My favorite thing is trotting and horse shows. I have met many good friends at horseback riding, like Emily, Becky, and Elaine. They always talk to me about things I like and tell me about the horses. When I go to school or to visit my family I tell them about my friends at horseback riding and how much fun I have riding. Mom and Dad said it has helped me to talk with others, follow directions, and to get over the paralysis I had when I was young. I just know that when I ride I am the happiest kid in the world.


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We are asking if you would like to take part in promoting our Valley Riding Inc. scholarship fund. These scholarships would be available to all of our students who show a financial need and are genuinely passionate about learning how to ride. It would not be limited to our therapeutic students.

Our current lesson fees are $75 per person per lesson. Anyone interested in donating to the Valley Riding Inc. Scholarship Fund please contact the office at 216-267-2525 or by e-mail at valleyriding@sbcglobal.net.

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All participants are required to fill out a waiver/release form, which should be returned or mailed to us. Please refer to the program/lesson page for specific requirements, conditions, and costs. The required waiver forms for each type of class/lesson can also be found below.